Arrowhead & Shepherds Camp - Year Round Leadership in Disability Program Positions Available!
Special Needs
First Photo of Arrowhead Bible Camp Arrowhead Bible Camp has made exponential strides forward with the addition of Leadership in Disabilities (LID). We would be thrilled to have you consider joining the LID Program and making an incredible impact on the frontlines of our ministry.

LID Program: Vision
Our vision is to train and disciple a new generation of leaders with the confidence, character, and competence to serve with excellence in the field of disabilities; skilled to work and lead in ministry, business, and the primary physical care of others.

LID Program: Goal
Our goal is to provide LIDs (Leadership in Disabilities students) with an experience-based educational program that will give them industry leading skill and ability through intensive discipleship, leadership training, program implementation, and person care development. This program is also designed for LIDs to be on the frontlines of the expansion of our Shepherds Camp Program.

LID Program: Timeline
▪ LIDs are encouraged to commit to at least one year of educational service and are welcome to serve indefinitely.
▪ Arrowhead is partnering with Anchor Christian University (ACU) to provide three college courses. The courses will be experience based, utilizing Shepherds Camp programming as the basis for course work, alongside reading, reflection, and project assignments.
▪ The program is divided into three semesters each year (Spring, Summer, and Fall). LIDs will engage in one course each semester.

LID Program: Student Roles
LIDs will be responsible for working alongside the Program Manager and Operations Manager to design, develop, and implement Shepherds Camp programming throughout the year. LIDs will serve in the areas of counseling, program, food service, and administration.

LID Program: Cost of Living Allowance & Missions Support
The LID Program is designed to be an intensive experience-based program which requires students to live and serve onsite.
▪ LIDs will be provided with onsite housing, utilities, and meals.
▪ LIDs will be provided with a weekly cost of living allowance of $250.
▪ LIDS may raise $250 in missions support per week (in additionto their weekly cost of living allowance, during their time at camp. We encourage LIDs to raise support as a way to
cover significant personal expenses and save for the future.
▪ Arrowhead will provide LIDs with coaching and resources for their fundraising efforts

Please visit our website ( for more information or to apply. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.

Staff Descriptions

Photo 2 of Summer Jobs at Arrowhead Bible Camp Counselor - Each counselor is assigned to a group of up to five campers for the entirety of the camp session. Counselors walk through the program with their campers, attending to them during games, crafts, meal times, free time, and chapel. Counselors are fully trained and equipped to care for their campers during our staff training. Counselors are certified in CPR & First Aid.

Program Staff - Our Program Staff is responsible for the operations of each planned activity during each session which includes: arts & crafts, music, games, and other events. They ensure a safe, fun, and accessible experience for our campers.

Night Watch - Safety is our staff's greatest priority at Shepherds Camp. Night staff are responsible to ensure the safety of all campers between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Kitchen Staff - Our kitchen staff assists our Head Cook in the preparation of each meal and snack throughout each camp session. Kitchen staff is responsible for meal prep, the upkeep of CREW areas (dish room, pots sink, dining room, and bathrooms), and various other tasks given by the Head Cook or Operations Manager.
Other Positions
Program Staff
Night Watch (3rd shift)
Kitchen Staff
Performing Arts
Food Prep
Health & Safety
Nurse's Assistant
Camp Counselor

Covid-19 Information

All campers and staff are encouraged to wear a mask or face covering during camp sessions. Check in screening and twice daily health checks/screening will be completed for all campers and staff.

Summer Address
122 Arrowhead Cottage Rd.
Brackney, PA 18812
570-663-2419 (tel.)
570-663-2903 (fax.)
Winter Address
122 Arrowhead Cottage Rd.
Brackney, PA, 18812
570-663-2419 (tel.)
570-663-2903 (fax.)

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