Camp Courageous is a year-round recreational and respite care facility for individuals with special needs, located in Iowa.
Special Needs
Camp Courageous is an American Camping Association Accredited Camp, consistently receiving a score of 100% for decades. It is the camp’s desire to be the very best at everything it does. Camp Courageous strives to provide the best possible experience for campers through being at the forefront in all areas, such as a bowling alley in a new pavilion on a new lake, massive use of solar, and the use of technology that allows staff to do their job with the utmost of information.

The camp lies on 300 acres of land surrounded by thousands of acres of state primitive land including a river, bluffs, and caves. The camp has been in a growth mode, since the first campers came over the summer of 1974 and totaled 211. Last year the camp served 9,333 individuals with specials needs. Ages have ranged from 1-105. Special needs have ranged from those needing much personal care to the very capable, all having intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

The camp offers those with special needs respite care weekends, weeklong sessions, emergency respite care, and the camp has a travel program, independent of the camp program.

Applicants should have the personality that exemplifies dedication, integrity, honesty, punctuality, diplomacy, a positive attitude, thoroughness, dependability, initiative, good judgment, organization, innovativeness, enthusiasm, professionalism, and is self-motivated. A role model with a passion for the cause. Non-smoker.
Summer Address
12007 190th St. PO Box 418
Monticello, IA 52310
319-465-5916 (tel.)
319-465-5919 (fax.)
Winter Address
12007 190th St. PO Box 418
Monticello, IA, 52310
319-465-5916 (tel.)
319-465-5919 (fax.)

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