Counselors- You will never be as tall as when you stoop to help a child.
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At Swift Nature Camp we exemplify positive leadership by helping to create a world of people who respect each other while appreciating nature and the environment. We help children be their best, thereby making a positive influence to their future, and in turn to future generations. In the process staff often remark, how camp has changed their life and sometimes even their school major...not bad for a summer job. IT WILL BE YOUR BEST SUMMER!! We Promise!!

At SNC you're not only choosing a job, you're choosing a family — A Summer Family of 20 staff members that will stay with you for years to come! Located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Swift Nature Camp is an overnight nature camp for boys and girls ages 6-17.

Campers & Staff enjoy an active Nature Center, Pet Zoo and Department of Natural Resources sponsored programs, plus out of camp canoe and backpack trips.

Activities include: sailing, swimming, arts & crafts, team courses, archery, water skiing, tubing, sports and our Lego Cabin. We blend traditional camp activities while increasing a child's appreciation for nature, science and the environment. Counselors will help children develop life skills like kindness, persistence and honesty.

The Camp’s small size allows staff to promote each child's personal development by providing fun, friendship and leadership in a supportive and noncompetitive environment. SNC provides counselors to be leaders, friends and role models to today's youth. Most Cabin Counselors also have the opportunity to specialize in teaching different activities like Lego,Archery, Canoing and more. SNC will provide you with instructions, lesson plans, encouragement, guidance and support before camp begins.

oin our Family! Your going to love it! Fill out an application online

THINK SUMMER 2023...we are!

Do Something Meaningful This Summer!!! If you enjoy being with children, love camping and want to work outside. We are are the place for you!!!

***CABIN COUNSELORS*** You will be living in a cabin of 10 with another counselor. Your goal you will be as a mentor, teaching life long skills. In addition, you will be taking your group on out of camp trips by canoe and on foot. Many of our counselors run activities as well.

Check out our website and fill out an application on our website

***SWIMMING DIRECTOR-- Do you have experience teaching Swimming? Are you a lifeguard or a WSI? Have you been on a swim team? We can take anyone with a desire to be a swim teacher and give them instruction and experience.

***CAMP PHOTOGRAPHER-- Taking photography classes? Just a hobby? No worries come to camp and take pictures every day plus help help making photo books. Internship Available

***LEGO DIRECTOR-- Did you love Lego as a kid? Do you still love Lego? Come play this summer with Lego while you inspire and encourage other young builders. We see Lego as boys Arts & Crafts it promotes creativity and teamwork.

***SAILING DIRECTOR-- Did you have experience in a sail boat? We are looking for an experienced sailer to teach our young sailers the skills & benefits of using the wind to power your craft.

***ACTIVITY SPECIALISTS-- Are you willing to take on an additional area of responsibility? Then look at these Archery, Rifelry, Sailing, Fishing, Canoeing, Team Course, and more. Instructors that have skills in these areas are needed.

***TRIPPING DIRECTOR-- Take responsibility of our out of camp canoe and backpack trips. Also lead the trips. a great way to see the rustic outdoors of northern WI.

The below positions are specialist that will only do their particular job (not a cabin counselor)

***NATURE CENTER DIRECTOR-- Do you have experience teaching outdoor education? If so come and teach in our Nature Center. Requires a love of children and the environment.No experience? Want to teach children to love Nature... then this is your summer to make an impact on the future.

***ARTS & CRAFTS DIRECTOR-- Do you have experience in Arts or can just motivate children to be creative..then visit our website and fill out an application (

***CAMP NURSE-- RN assistant wanted... Love kids want to have a fun stress free summer? Come to camp and make a new family here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Retired Nurses & School Nurses make great camp nurses.
Plus many more...


Are you an Education Major/ Teacher? Studying to doo Social Work? Maybe, a Psychology or Sociology Major?

These are a perfect match for getting an internship at Swift Nature Camp. Yet, Any major will benefit from an internship. We will work with you and your school to create a special internship just for you. That's Right Any Major!

As a summer camp owner, each spring as I speak to college students about becoming a summer camp counselor. Often I get a response “I am not a teaching student. How will camp help me?” Do you want an internship that will change your life and give you skills to use in any job? They respond in the affirmative. I conclude become a camp counselor!!

Many of today's college students are lacking soft skills. These are the life skills not found in a book but skills that only grow when living face to face. These skills are what employers want and are skills overnight summer camps best teach.

Here are 5 skills that any employer would want to see in their applicants. You can arrange these in any order because none is more important than another.

TEAMWORK- Most jobs require employees to work together as a unit, section or team building relationships and working together with respect toward a common goal. Summer Camp is all about team work from working with your co counselors to building a team with in your cabin. Camp is a community not unlike a business organization. Camp is built of people who have very different personalities, backgrounds and life experiences that all come together for the goal of building each other up while playing and having fun.

RESPONSIBILITY-At work we all want our bosses to give us greater responsibility. Very few jobs or internships can give you more responsibility than independently caring for someone else children.   At Camp, counselors are responsible 24-hours a day at camp or when out in the woods hours away from civilization. It is the counselor that holds all of a child’s experience in their hand. From reducing injuries to motivating and encouraging a child, to stopping bullying. No place is a persons job more important than being a camp counselor.their work with campers is essential to camp’s operation.

PROBLEM SOLVINGI once had a boss who said “Don’t bring me problems bring me solutions.” The same can be said as a camp counselor you need to figure things out and make it work the best way possible. Weather your getting 10 children to all brush their teeth or encouraging them to jump into a cold lake, you need to try things evaluate if it works and then make changes as needed. As a camp counselors you will be constantly provided with opportunities to solve problems and come up with creative solutions.  Just the thing any employer is looking for in a new employee.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS-Every job requires good communication skills. Without the distraction of technology and social media, camp counselors strengthen their communication skills by engaging in face-to-face interaction with campers and fellow counselors.  Daily you will learn and practice how to lead group discussions and practice conflict resolution.

LEADERSHIP-Every job requires some amount of leadership. After all it is leaders that get the promotion. At camp your unique relationships with campers will allow you to practice your level of influence on others.  At camp, you will share your life experience with campers helping to make them better people.  Even though camp is casual you will be required to be at the top of your game as a role model to children. Meaning you need to remain appropriate in language and appearance at all times. Living as a role model will cause you to step your game and be your best leader.   After a summer at camp you will feel like a leader and that is a powerful feeling.

Any major can learn from an internship at camp. Yet, nearly 50% of our staff are teaching students! So if your studying to be a teacher please take a look at Swift Nature Camp

Camp is a wonderful place to make a positive impact on today's youth while experiencing first hand how to make yourself a better teacher.

Internships are the perfect way to get credit hours while doing something practical for your major. We are happy to work with students individual Internships requirements. Internships help you by allowing you to focus in on your time with the children while having fun and Getting PAID. So give us a call and we can work with you ...let see how we can help. 630-654-8036....better yet visit our website and complete an application then we can chat more about camp.

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Male & Female Counselors Wanted. Limited Positions for 2024!
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